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Who knew there were so many wine glasses to choose from?

There are many types of wine glassesIf you think about wine glasses at all, I am sure you are like me to some extent and think in terms of "Red or White"  Who knew there were so many other choices?

Once you have it narrowed down to red or white, or maybe even before depending on how you go about things, there are a multitude of other choices to make.  Clear, colored, plastic, acrylic, crystal, stemmed or stemless, Riedel, Ravenscroft, Waterford, cheap, expensive……………AHHHHH!

I can't seem to help myself when it comes to buying wine glasses.  I invariably want one of each.  So I end up giving wine glasses as gifts.  On birthdays, for wedding gifts, Christmas, and sometimes, just as an "I was a jerk, please forgive me" gift.  Sometimes I can even find wine glasses that can say what I might not be able to.  And I am not talking just about the funny wine glasses that say something like "Party Girl" on them. 

What if you had a friend or coworker that you loved dearly or regarded highly, but you didn't know how to tell them so?  Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes a gift can say it all without you ever having to open your mouth.  For a highly prized friend that loves to drink wine,  a Riedel Sommelier. would be just the ticket, since these are the creme' de la creme' of wine glasses.

I have put together on this site a collection of wine glasses that I like and that I  find unique in some way.  Some are fun and quirky, some are elegant and expensive and some are the ones you pull out for the free for all summer party in the back yard.

But no matter what the occasion is that you are drinking wine at, there will always be a need for wine glasses to drink from.

Here is a short video on information about the different styles of wine glasses.  It may help you in your quest of buying wine glasses.

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