Wine Glass Racks

Protect Your Precious Wine Glasses With Wine Glass Racks


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metal hanging wine glass rackFor ordinary wine glasses or for your party wine glasses, putting them in a cupboard without protection is ok. But for your special wine glasses, make sure you protect them with wine glass racks. In my house, it is NOT ok for my husband to even touch my special wine glasses!  It seems he can't be bothered with breaking  my everyday wine glasses, he has to break the really nice ones.  Hence the new rule.

And also, thanks to my spouse, we now have wine glass racks that are out of the way to protect my really nice wine glasses.  He almost made me cry when he broke one of my Riedel wine glasses! But it did teach me a valuable lesson…….don't leave your good glasses out in harms way!

The set up in your house will determine the type of wine glass racks that will work best for you.  They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as hanging options.  I am sure you will find something that will match your decor and taste, along with your budget.

You can find the simple, under the counter style and just hang it from the bottom of the cabinets in your kitchen or dining room, or they can attach to the wall if your ceilings are too high or too low.  You can find stand alone wine glass racks that will hold enough wine glasses for a restaurant.  Or you can find combo wine and wine glass racks all in one.  From simple to elegant and everything in between.

Enjoy your shopping experience of finding wine glass racks and the unique wine glasses to put in them!

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