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Wine Lovers Love Wine Gadgets

basic corkscrewHave you ever noticed how much wine lovers love their wine gadgets?  Find someone that loves wine, and I assure you, they will have more than one type of corkscrew in their drawer.  They will also most likely have an assortment of wine stoppers, aeraters, wine bags, wine charms, etc., etc., etc.

The reason?  Well, there probably is not just one reason.  Wine drinking is a hobby, and just like any other hobbyist the world over, they tend to collect things pertaining to their hobby.  And who could pass up all of the cute little doodads available for wine lovers?

At the very least, they will have an  assortment of wine glasses, because if you love wine, you will know that drinking red wine out of a white wine glass is not the way to do it!  Wine glasses are different shapes for different types of wine for a reason, not just because someone decided to mess around with the heads of wine lovers.

You drink red wine out of a glass with a big bowl, such as a balloon glass because red wines need to be aerated, or allowed to breathe, to bring out the aromas and flavors of the wine.  You can use a decanter to do this, but if you use a big bowled wine glass in addition to decanting wine, you have room to swirl the wine in the glass, thereby increasing aeration.

The same is true of the shape of a champagne flute.  The tall, narrow shape of a flute will help to concentrate the bubbles in champagne and keep them from dissipating to quickly.  Since many people prefer to drink their champagne cold, you do not need a big bowl to help aerate and bring out the nose of the wine.  The coldness of the champagne will inhibit the nose, unlike red wines which are drank at room temperature.

suction cup wine charms in wine gadgets Wine charms is another thing wine lovers will most likely have an abundance of, although you can never have too many!  Wine lovers love to get together with their friends and drink wine.  Sometimes they will get together to drink a glass, and at other times they will be doing some wine tasting, perhaps from that interesting new winery they heard about.  But whatever the reason, if you have a room full of wine drinkers, all drinking out of the same type of glass, how do you tell your glass from everyone elses?  Put a wine charm on the stem and you can tell your wine glass at a glance!

There are some great gifts for wine lovers, so if you have one on your gift giving list you have a wide variety of wine gadgets to choose from.  My friends tend to give me wine related gifts combined with my other loves, such as the dragon wine stopper my best friend gave me two years ago, and the two Reidel red wine glasses my sister gave me when I discovered a red wine I loved and I couldn't stop raving about.

If you and your wine loving friends like to get together and taste wine, whether at home or at wineries, you might want to think about getting some tasting glasses.  You will be sure to make an impression on your BFF's with those.

Trust me when I tell you, wine lovers can never have too many wine gadgets!

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