Waterford Crystal Wine Glasses

The Beauty Of Genuine Waterford Crystal Wine Glasses


marquis waterford crystal wine glassWhat is it that makes genuine Waterford crystal so highly prized?  It is the craftsmanship that you know is guaranteed with genuine Waterford Crystal.

Waterford Crystal used to be produced in Waterford, Ireland, but alas, that factory has shut down.  This highly prized crystal is now produced in other areas of Europe, most notably Germany and the Czech Republic.

The craftsmanship of the artisans that create Waterford Crystal is still the same, though.  The artisans that create Waterford Crystal, no matter where they are creating it, still must be highly skilled. 

They produce patterns of lead crystal glassware that include

  • Adare
  • Alana
  • Colleen
  • Kincora
  • Lismore
  • Maeve
  • Tramore
  • and many others. 

All good Irish words, and beautiful patterns of lead crystal glassware.

Glassware is not the only thing produced by Waterford Crystal.  They also make chandeliers, and  sporting trophys.  Whatever they make, you can be sure the same attention to detail and high expertise of craftsmanship can be found in every piece. 

clear waterford crystal wine glassesThere is also different types of crystal glassware.  Most people think of the heavy lead glassware that is cut with the popular patterns already mentioned. 

But in addition to those cut patterns, Waterford Crystal wine glasses can also come in a clear thin type of glass, which some find much more suitable for drinking wine from.

If you are worried about the lead content of Waterford Crystal, there is no need to be alarmed.  With modern techniques, the amount of lead in the glass is much less than it used to be.  The amount of lead that will leach into your glass during the course of an evening is minuscule. 

You should, however, make sure to follow the recommendations of never storing anything in lead crystal.  Over time, lead will leach into whatever you have stored in it.  Lead crystal should be used for an evening only. 

If you are using a decanter, for example, when the evening is over, make sure you put any wine back into its original container and do store it in the lead crystal decanter.

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