Tasting Glasses

Tasting Glasses

Why tasting glasses?  For the wine lover, the tasting glasses shown below by Ravenscroft will help to intensify the nose, and therefore the flavor, of the wine. 

Ravenscroft Lead-Free Crystal Amplifier Vintner Crystal Tasting Glass, Set of Six - Wine Lovers


Ravenscroft Lead-Free Crystal Amplifier Vintner Crystal Tasting Glass, Set of Six – Wine Lovers

Ravenscroft is the world’s leading manufacturer of pure, clean, lead-free crystal for fine wine and spirits. The Ravenscroft Amplifier tasting glasses are unmatched in their ability to magnify, focus and intensify the bouquet of any wine. If the bouquet is world class, the experience will be breathtakingly intense. -The Ravenscroft Crystal Amplifier Vintner‘s Tasting Glass is the true professional taster. The great wine importers will be found with these glasses in camera cases hanging around their necks tasting in the most prestigious cellars of the world as their final defense when making their annual treks to buy. Professional wineries trust the Ravenscroft Crystal Amplifier Vintner‘s Tasting Glass when blending their most significant wines. . There is no better glass to critically evaluate a wine… They are unforgiving of flaws and at the same time flattering of finesse. This is the perfect all purpose tasting glass – beautifully showcases wines using just a one ounce pour. Hand made by old world European craftsmen of the finest lead-free crystal. -Height 4 1/4 in. -Capacity 14 oz. -Recommended for: Reds Whites -Dishwasher-safe -Glasses per box – 6

Ravenscroft Lead-Free Crystal Amplifier Vintner Crystal Tasting Glass, Set of Six – Wine Lovers

But there are other types of tasting glasses too.  Like the 2 oz throwaway plastic glasses.  The type you see at wine tasting events when the merchants do not want to haul out thousands of good glasses.  At a lot of wine tasting events, it is just not feasible to provide wine glasses to the masses. 

  • Takes up too much room, and you need that room to transport your wine
  • No cleaning facilities, so you only get one tasting out of each glass
  • Safety reasons, broken glass is never a good idea
  • No clean up, just toss them when you are done
  • Cost effective, much cheaper than real glass wine glasses


2 oz plastic disposable wine tasting glasses


2 oz Plastic Disposable Plastic Wine Tasting Glasses

If you are doing some portable wine tasting, and you don't want to take out your good glasses, these little 2 oz disposable plastic wine tasting glasses will come in very handy.

No need to bring out your good glasses when you will have a large gathering of people to do some wine tasting, and safety is not an issue either.


black tasting glasses from Riedel


How about blind-blind tasting glasses?

With these black beauties from Riedel, not only can you not tell what color of wine you are tasting, but you also cannot judge the presence or absence of sediment nor the depth of the wine, thereby creating a double blind taste test.

But you do not have to give up beauty for tasting glasses, as these tasting glasses from the Sommeliers series from Riedel are as pretty to look at as they are functional.

Made by talented glassmakers from Austria, they are mouth blown 24% lead crystal. They have a thumb indentation in the side and a finger indentation on the bottom to help with grasping the glass securely.

A perfect tasting glass to enhance the bold reds, but suitable for tasting white wines as well.

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