Riedel Stemless Wine Glasses


Wine Tumblers are great for everyday use

Have you noticed how wine tumblers are becoming more popular these days?  What is so great about Riedel stemless wine glasses?

  • More stable than stemmed wine glasses, less chance of knocking it over
  • Safer to run through the dishwasher than a stemmed wine glass
  • They take us less room in a normal kitchen cabinet, meaning you will not have to have such a tall shelf area to store your wine glasses
  • No need for a separate wine glass rack if you do not have the room for one
  • They can be stacked if you are really short on cabinet space
  • Use them for more than just drinking wine out of
  • Same technology used in other Riedel wine glasses
  • Machine blown, so more inexpensive than the mouth blown Riedel wine glasses

Some folks are proving hard to win over to the stemless wine tumblers, saying they are not "real" wine glasses.  But since Riedel is using the same technology to make the stemless wine glasses as their regular line of stemmed wine glasses, what is the issue?

They are just as classy looking as stemmed wine glasses and these are not the bulky, heavy type of tumblers you would use for, say, a scotch on the rocks.  Riedel stemless wine glasses are more delicate in the feel, like a regular stemmed wine glass, just without the stem.


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