Relieve Stress With A Glass Of Wine

Recipe For Relaxation


woman in bubblebath with glass of wineRun a tub full of warm water

Make it the perfect temperature for soothing away stress, slightly on the hot side so it will loosen up the tensed muscles you may not even realize are there.  Add some bubbles.  Nothing says relaxation like hot water with bubbles.  It just invites sinking into and closing your eyes and relaxing and letting the world take care of itself for a while.

If bubbles are not your thing, add some soothing salts .  Even plain old epsom salts will help ease muscles and will even soothe away the pain of any bruises you might have.  Epsom salts will also help eliminate impurities in the body, a reason why bath salts are used in spa treatments.


Light some candles

It doesn't matter if it is the middle of the day or not.  Candles can help create an atmosphere of relaxation.  Especially if they are of the scented variety.  Choose a scent that is naturally calming to the senses, such as lavender or vanilla if you don't already have a favorite scent.

The aroma from candles are usually soft and subtle, so if you prefer a more intense scent, you might try one of the essential oil lamps instead.  No matter what technique you use, you want the end result to be the addition of ambient light and a pleasant scent.

Put on some soft music

Play some soft and soothing background music . There is a time and a place for all types of music, and lots of times lounging in the tub with some rock music blasting is great, but for this recipe, try something softer, like elevator music.  Elevator music was created to soothe feelings of claustrophobia or other fears people tend to feel when in an elevator, so the science behind it will work well to soothe your mind while lounging in your bubble bath.

Pour a glass of your favorite wine

The last ingredient in the recipe is to pour yourself a glass of wine.  If you have a favorite glass, this is the time to use it.  Pouring your favorite wine into your favorite glass and shutting out the world for a while and taking some "me" time, does life get any better than those moments?  You not only deserve a mini rejuvenation break, you need it!  You can only be the best for others when you are doing the best for yourself.

If you follow the recipe, you will be amazed at what a great benefit you can pull from a mere thirty minutes of time.  You will emerge calm and refreshed and ready to grab the world by the tail once again. 

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