Rabbit Wine Opener and Other Cork Screws

Rabbit Wine Opener Opens Wine in 3 Seconds

Reproduce flawless openings with multiple tools. The ultimate all-in-one wine corkscrew set for all your wine service needs. You get everything you need for wine bottle opening and service in this convenient and affordable Rabbit Corkscrew set from Metrokane. The 6-piece corkscrew kit includes the world-famous Rabbit Corkscrew, foil cutter, drip-stop drip ring, worm, wine/champagne sealer, and wax remover. The Rabbit Corkscrew was redesigned with an all new precision metal gear mechanism for even smoother and more reliable wine bottle opening. Of all the corkscrews on the market, you won't find one better or more efficient This corkscrew is synthetic cork friendly

Rabbit Wine OpenerThis sleekly designed wine opener is as easy to use as it is beautiful. So simple to use, just place the neck of the bottle between the two ear-shaped arms, then lift the lever on top and the cork comes right out! No more awkward wrestling with the corkscrew or corks broken off in the bottle.

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vertical rabbit wine openerPerhaps you would be more comfortable with the vertical rabbit wine opener.  Also simple to use, you just  start with the handle raised, place opener over the bottle, push down the lever and lift back up again. This action lifts the cork from the bottle in just 3 seconds. Simply lower the handle again, lift it up and lower one last time to eject the cork.  It doesn't get any easier to open a bottle of wine!


Rabbit wine opener kit

If you already know that you love the rabbit wine opener, you may be happier buying this kit. It comes not only with the rabbit wine opener, but also with a squeeze-and-twist foil cutter to strip away the foil covering a cork, a drip-stop ring that fits onto any size wine bottle to prevent stains on table linen, a sealer that twists so tightly into any size bottle's neck it preserves even Champagne bubbles, and a "wax whacker" that flips the wax tablet off a wine cork. Also included is a replacement worm–the installed worm wears out after 20,000 or so corks. The set fits into a handsome presentation case with lucite cover for gift-giving and permanent storage of wine tools. The cork puller carries a 10-year warranty against failure.

playboy bunny bar set . . .

Now for some other unique type of cork screws.  Here is another type of rabbit wine opener, this time a Playboy Bunny Bar Set icon

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