Pinot Noir Wine Glasses

The Perfect Glass For Drinking Red Wine

Why?  It's the shape of the bowl.  The large bowl of the Pinot Noir wine glass is large enough to allow for swirling the wine.  Swirling and air contact is important for bringing out the aromas and flavors of the wine.  If you want to read more about that, check out my blog post on why and how to decant wine. There is even a short video that shows how to do it.

Now, about that large bowl………In order to have room for aeration and swirling, you do not fill up the wine glass!  This concept is foreign to new wine drinkers.  You have this perfectly large wine glass that will hold 37 ozs, and you are only supposed to put in 5?  Seems a ridiculous idea at first.

But after trying the techniques suggested for properly aerating red wine prior to drinking, the concept will soon make sense.  And after trying it for yourself a few times you will see the truth behind the concept.

Some wine glasses are specialized to a particular grape variety, but Pinot Noir wine glasses are suitable for drinking just about any red wine. 

If you do not have a need for an extensive wine glass collection you should at least have the basics of a red wine glass, a white wine glass and a champagne glass.


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