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Pewter Stemmed Wine Glasses, Dragon/Gothic Pewter Wine Glasses

dragon pewter wine glass
Pewter Three-Headed Dragon Goblet

As you can imagine, pewter wine glasses are not something you can just run to Walmart and pick up on any given day. They are a specialty item that is rather hard to find.

Pewter is a metal alloy consisting mostly of tin. Along with the tin is a little bit of copper, antimony, bismuth, and lead. The copper and the antimony is what gives it its hardness, and the lead in the pewter gives it a bluish tent. For modern day pewter, you will not find any with the bluish tent because it is now no longer permitted for lead to be added, due to health concerns of lead. Pewter will have a low melting point, depending on exactly what the mixture of metals is, so it is very malleable.

Pewter was used a lot in the middle ages, and it would have been found especially in churches for the use of chalices and such. Which may account for some people's fascination with pewter wine glasses.

I myself love the look of pewter wine glasses, because many are done in the Gothic fashion, and I have a fascination with everything Gothic.

But Gothic is not the only style of pewter wine glasses, as you will see from some of the beautiful and elegant designs shown here.


pewter stemmed wine glasses


Quality Pewter Stemmed Wine Glasses

These lovely pewter stemmed wine glasses have pewter only on the stems of the wine glasses, instead of the entire wine glass being made of pewter.

This technique gives you the beauty and elegance of pewter, while still giving you the convenience of glass for the drinking part of your wine glass.

Arte Italica Verona Pewter Glass Verona Water/Red Wine Goblet 7" Stemware

Pewter stemmed wine glass

Elegant Pewter Stemmed Wine Glass

A pewter stemmed wine glass in a bit more of an elegant style. 

Sleek, classical  styling will enhance any table setting.

The pewter and the glass together will add a sparkle and shine to your table, whether you have set the table for a holiday setting, or as an intimate gathering for two.

Match Classic Red Wine Glass: 7.7"


pewter wine goblet


Safe Pewter Wine Goblet

Wow!  Talk about shiny!  These beautiful pewter wine goblets look like silver, but will not tarnish like silver.

These pewter wine glasses will be sure to add not only sparkle to your dinner table, but also will be a great way to get the conversation rolling.

Not only are they food safe, but they are also perfect for engraving, making them an excellent choice not only for yourself, but also as a gift for that special occasion!

Empire Pewter Wine Goblet


set of pewter wine glasses

Tasteful Pewter Stemmed Wine Glasses


A sleek looking set of fine pewter stemmed wine glasses.

Classic white wine glasses with pewter stems to add a touch of elegance to your wine drinking experience.  These pewter wine glasses are elegant enough to grace any table setting, yet simple enough to be able to enjoy them just sitting in front of the fireplace on a winter evening.


Set of Two Octavio Pewter Wine Glasses


unicorn pewter wine glasses


Fun Unicorn Pewter Wine Glasses


If you are a lover of unicorns, you will love these delightful little glasses!

Shaped for white wine, but it would be fun to drink any wine out of these unique wine glasses. 

Beautiful pewter work encircles the glass and carries on down the stem and around the pedestal of the wine glass.

Great pewter craftsmanship.

Mystic Unicorn Pewter Wine Goblets – Set of Two


red wine pewter wine glasses


Pewter Wine Glass For Red Wine

The balloon shape on this pewter wine glass is suitable for drinking red wine.

The large bowl will help to aerate the wine, which will help to develop the "nose" of the wine, enhancing the flavor.  Plus, the large balloon bowl gives you plenty of room for swirling the wine, which will also aid in the aeration of the wine.

The pewter stem adds a touch of elegance to your red wine balloon glasses.

Match Pewter Mimi Balloon Wine Glass, Crystal


tulip sahped pewter wine glass


Popular Tulip Shaped Pewter Stemmed Red Wine Glass

The tulip shape on this wine glass is a popular shape for red wine drinkers.  The large bowl provides ample space for the aeration, enhancing the pleasure of drinking red wine.

The pewter stem adds a touch of elegance and sparkle.

Match Pewter Tulip Red Wine Glass, Crystal


dragon pewter wine glass


Unique Dragon Pewter Wine Glass

These amazingly detailed goblets are integrated with a sculptural rendering of the fabled triple-headed dragon of medieval folklore.

Our dragon of quality solid pewter wraps the beautiful 16-oz. glass goblet and lends his powerful tails to form the stem.

Whether it's you or someone on your gift list who celebrates the power of dragons or loves unique glassware, this heavyweight, functional sculpture will demand their attention

Pewter Three-Headed Dragon Goblet

gothic pewter wine goblet


Great Gothic Design Pewter Wine Goblet

The love-child of the Dagda and Boann, Oenghus became the Celtic God Of Fatal Love.

Featuring a unique Celtic open knot-work stem, this is a polished piece of pewter craftsmanship from the artisans at Alchemy Gothic, hand crafted in England

A truly unique piece of art that you can also enjoy a glass of wine from.

ALCHEMY GOTHIC ~ OENGHUS – God Of Fatal Love ~ Wine Goblet – Polished English Pewter – Celtic Knot – AAG18



dragon design pewter wine goblet


Dragon Design Pewter Wine Goblet

Beautiful dragon design engraved on this classy pewter wine goblet.

Polished pewter, hand crafted design.

Safe lead free pewter

ALCHEMY GOTHIC ~ WYVEREX PILS ~ Dragon Goblet – Polished English Pewter – Celtic Knot – AAG129



vampire pewter wine glass


Vampire Pewter Wine Glass

Are you a vampire fan?  If you are, you will love this vampire pewter wine glass.

Decorated with blood red Swarovski crystals dangling from the bowl area of the wine glass as well as embedded in the base.

If your passion is vampires, you will not want to pass up this truly unique wine glass!

Evening With A Vampire Wine Goblet


isis gold plated pewter wine glass


Isis Gold Plated Pewter Wine Glass

Detailed goblet cast in gold-plated pewter.

Isis, the Queen of gods in Egyptian mythology, rises from a graceful stem solid to spread her feathered wings and to embrace a delicate 16-oz. quality glass goblet

Low cost alternative to the higher priced pewter wine glasses.

Isis Pewter Wine Goblet

Dragon pewter wine goblet


Exquisite Pewter Wine Goblets With Dragon Design

Pewter brings to mind medieval times, and nothing says medieval quite like a dragon!

The dragons on these pewter wine goblets is a fine example of exquisite craftsmanship, the quality on these are hard to beat.

Rising from a dramatic ring of fire at the base and stem, these Dragon Goblets regally holds 8 ounces.

Overlaid pewter-on-pewter for true three-dimensional beauty, it's easy to imagine this stem in a toast or given as a special gift.

Our high quality European pewter is hand cast by artisans in Brescia, Italy, using Old World techniques handed down for generations.

Set of two arrives in a hinged, velveteen presentation box for storage or gift giving.

mythical dragon goblets (set of two with box)  

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