Fun Wine Glasses

If you are like me, you love some of these quirky and fun wine glasses like the Dolly Mama or Emerson Quillon's Princess Wine Glass, but you may have seen enough wine snobs turn up their collective noses at anything that does not scream "connoisseur," that you may be hesitant to use them.


Dolly Mama's Game Day Divas Wine Glass Collection

But there are times when using fun wine glasses is entirely appropriate!  For instance:

  • A social wine drinking event for close friends
  • An intimate girl party
  • Used as a gift that says something


A social wine drinking event for close friends

Close friends all know each other well and are very familiar with each others personality.  It's fun to have a wine drinking party where each personality is represented in the glasses you use.  These can be so much more fun than simple wine charms.  It's hard not to laugh and have a good time with all of those cutesy glasses in your face.


Intimate girl party

Having a pity party with your BFF's?  Pour yourselves some wine in fun wine glasses with moment appropriate sayings on them, like the Why Limit Happy to an Hour Party Girl Wine Glass. The right saying on the glass can help set the right tone and also gets the conversational ball rolling.

A gift that says something

Someone in your life turning 50?  There is a fun wine glass for that occasion.  My sister and niece are both Elvis fanatics and the Elvis glasses would be a perfect gift for either of them, as they also enjoy a good glass of wine.  It is not hard to find a fun wine glass as a gift, the hard part is limiting yourself to one!

There are times when it is appropriate to use fun wine glasses.  A business dinner for your spouses boss is probably not the right time!  Use your Waterford glasses for that.


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