Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses

My Top 4 Reasons For Using Disposable Plastic Glasses


  • They are super inexpensive.  If you are having a party with a lot of guests, you could go broke just buying wine glasses for the event.  Your money could be spent on other things though by saving money on the glassware that you will use.  Buy by the case of and you will spend a fraction that you would spend on glass!
  • If they get broken, it won't break your heart like breaking one of your good glasses would.  You can just smile and get on with the party.  Not to mention the safety factor, broken plastic is not near so dangerous as broken glass.
  • When the party is over you don't need to figure out what you are going to do with all those wine glasses, just dump them in the garbage or recycle bin and be done with it.  What could be easier?
  • No Washing!  Who wants to spend hours standing at a sink washing up empty wine glasses?  Even with a dishwasher it could take a long time to wash up from a large party.

Of course these will not work if you are hosting a more elegant function, such as a wedding reception.  In that case you may want to look at buying wholesale wine glasses

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