Wine Decanters

What type of wine decanters should you use?

So you are shopping for a decanter? How will you know which type to choose? Of course you will go with one that you like, but are there different uses for different decanters? Do the shapes mean anything?

Watch this video to help you start your decanter buying process

After getting a general idea of the type of decanter you are looking for, look at some of the categories I have selected for you to browse. I hope you have a fun journey selecting the perfect decanter for you.


If you are wondering what is the reason behind decanting wine in the first place, visit the decanting wine page and read about the reasons. There is even a video there that will help demystify the process for you. Once you know the reasons behind it, you will discover there is really nothing mysterious about a decanter at all!

It is really a matter of your personal preference.  You may want to buy wine decanters for one of the following reasons:

  • Aerate your wine,

    Let your wine breathe.  This process will help to release the aroma and flavor of the wine that has been trapped in the bottle.

  • Decant wine that has sediments.

    When decanting wine with sediments, you will stop the decanting process when the sediments reach the neck of the bottle.  In this way, the sediments do not make it into the wine glasses.

  • Set a beautiful table with wine decanters.

    Lets face it, sometimes all we want is to make our table look stunning.  If we have guests coming or perhaps we are hosting a special occasion such as a birthday party or Thanksgiving dinner, we just want the table setting to look nice.  And putting the wine out in a decanter instead of a bottle is a nice way to do this.

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