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Plastic Wine Glasses

Plastic Wine Glasses Can Be Fun Or Chic


There is time and a place for everything, including plastic wine glasses.  True wine nuts will surely frown upon plastic wine glasses in the first place, but add in the Halloween or neon colors like these and you will have a wine nut gasping in horror!

But truly, there are times when a plastic wine glass makes much more sense than a glass one (think expensive!).  If you are having a backyard BBQ and it is possible for wine glasses to get broken, it only makes sense to make things safer and use plastic wine glasses instead.  Not to mention that we all have guests in our lives that we would simply not trust with our good wine glasses!

And if you are going to use plastic wine glasses, why not have some fun with it?  I would probably never hand one of these to my wine snob mother in law, but I have lots of friends and family that would be more than happy to drink out of these.  And of course, they would say that the wine glasses fit the hostess!

Plastic wine glasses do not have to be overly bright or have kooky designs on them.  You can find plastic wine glasses that will look like regular wine glasses until they are closely inspected.  Hand those to your wine snob friends instead of the fun ones.  You can even upgrade your plastic wine glasses a little and go with acrylic wine glasses...