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Do Acrylic Wine Glasses Have To Be Ugly?


Acrylic wine glasses don't have to be ugly and utilitarian, they can be just as stylish and beautiful as regular wine glasses.

For parties and outdoor gatherings, wine glasses made of glass are not always practical. But who wants to serve wine in ugly glasses?

Now there is no need to give up style for safety. These etched acrylic wine glasses will compare favorably with any glass wine glass, but will have the safety of acrylic for you outdoor parties.

If these get dropped, you won't have to worry about anyone getting cut on the broken glass.


Clear acrylic wine glasses will sparkle in the sun just like its glass counterpart, but if you drop this one it will not shatter at your feet.

No need to worry about cuts from broken glass with  beautiful acrylic wine glasses, and with today's technology it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between real glass and acrylic just by looking.  You can still tell the difference by the feel, but sometimes even that is difficult.

These are not the same as disposable plastic wine glasses, as these can be used over and over again and they are dishwasher safe, although it may be best not to run them through the dry cycle. as the heat could cause them to cloud up.

Another nice feature of acrylic wine wine glasses is the cost.  Acrylic wine glasses are way cheaper than their crystal counterparts.  They are even cheaper than the cheap glass wine glasses, and of course those cheap wine glasses are notorious for breaking easily.  So if you have someone in your household is kind of a klutz, acrylic wine glasses could be the perfect solution.