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Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you find what you are looking for here on the pages of Unique Wine Glasses 4 U, a site I started in September 2010.

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Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  My name is Retta Carl, and I have been an affiliate marketer for almost a year now.  If you don't know what an affiliate marketer is, it just means that I am a middle man for merchants to sell their products.  I earn my living by people buying the products that I advertise on my website, and I earn a commission on it.  You are not actually buying the product from me, you are buying it direct from the merchant.


You may wonder why you should buy from me, instead of direct from the merchant? 


  • I do not earn a commission from you.  You will pay basically the same price whichever website you buy from, commissions are paid totally by the merchant, and the price is already built into the product.
  • I have a larger selection of merchants to choose from on my site.  On a merchants site, they only have their own products, I show merchandise from several merchants, giving you a greater variety of choice.
  • I am a Mom and Pop operation (minus the Pop) and I believe in the old fashioned way of doing business, which is take care of the customer the way you would like to be taken care of.
  • I am a lover of wine, and therefore wine glasses, which is what made me think of starting this site in the first place.  I also have a site about wine if you would like to visit it.
  • The merchants I advertise here are all reputable businesses, otherwise I wouldn't do business with them.

So go ahead and visit my pages with the confidence that when you decide to buy something, it is coming from a reputable merchant and the transactions will be secure.

I hope you enjoy finding the treasures I have put together for you at Unique Wine Glasses 4 U

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