7 Deadly Sins

Today while I was searching for new and unique products to post on my unique wine glasses 4 u website, I ran across what has to be the coolest wine glasses I will ever see!

I went and checked them out, hoping that I could find an affiliate program, so I could sell them here.  Alas, it appears these are going to be a limited edition product, so instead of posting them here for sale, I am just going to post a link to them so if you want you can go and check them out.

They are way too cool not to share.  They are called the 7 deadly sins and I seriously love them.

No one could say these glasses are not unique!  Just wish they were going to be around long enough for me to sell them!

They are made by Kacper Hamilton and are based on the 7 deadly sins, my very favorite one is "wrath", but "Lust" and "Pride" are pretty cool too!

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